Welcome to Her. Wellbeing.– a lifestyle blog with a difference. Every article and resource posted is centred around prioritising your general and holistic wellbeing.

Her. Wellbeing. is a platform that focuses on paying attention to your self-care and self-growth in everyday life, so that what initially takes conscious effort, soon becomes habit. Her. Wellbeing. offers a variety of information and ideas on many different topics that will hopefully resonate and be meaningful for you in the context of your life in some way.

I hope that Her. Wellbeing. provides you with useful information and pointers to empower you, and help take steps to thrive and live your best life; to prioritise the WELL in being.

For more detailed information on the motivation for creating Her. Wellbeing. check out the very first blog post here.

About the Creator of Her. Wellbeing.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to explore! I’m Rebecca, the creator of Her. Wellbeing. I have a life-long love of art, rom-com’s and chocolate! I have a double degree in Arts/Psychology, with a double major in English and Art History. My professional career has provided me with over a decade of significant experience in the area of mental health and crisis support in the not-for-profit sector.

My career so far has provided me with invaluable opportunities and growth, both professionally and personally. My work has often contributed to and influenced national decisions and directions within the area of crisis support in Australia.

I created Her. Wellbeing. because I have a passion for self-growth and self-care (two key components of what I consider to encapsulate my sense of wellbeing). This has been fuelled over the years by working in the environment that I have. I realise the vital importance of self-care and wellbeing to everyone, I’ve seen what happens to those who do not (or cannot) prioritise their own wellbeing, or who do not have access to the resources or support to do so. Professionally, over the years I have noticed gaps that do not consider or address self-care and wellbeing to the extent required in order for it to be prioritised, or even considered sometimes where it should be.

It is my hope that Her. Wellbeing. will be one step in the right direction for positive change here. That we can start to fill some of those gaps, whether it be through acknowledgement, information, inspiration, planting a seed for thought and broader conversations, or simply framing everyday topics with your wellbeing as the primary focus, so that it helps you to start naturally considering other things in life this light too?

I hope that what you find here helps you to take small steps to discover what works for you and fuels you, so you are able to move forward in life being more conscious of your wellbeing and thrive, to be the best version of yourself that you can be, living your best life.

I hope you enjoy what Her. Wellbeing. offers as much as I enjoy the process of creating it!