It is Her. Wellbeing.’s mission to support, inspire, and empower all women to prioritise their holistic wellbeing through access to relatable, trustworthy and responsible information, resources, services and products.

Her. Wellbeing. Creative. is a content development service founded from this mission, developed for small businesses and brands who work in the women’s wellbeing space and need support with written content tailored to their specific needs.

Your words leave a vital first impression for your target audience. They are what will capture the attention and trust of potential customers, clients, and authentic followers and allow you to create real connections and meet your business goals.

What Her. Wellbeing. Creative. Provides

Her. Wellbeing. Creative. takes a tailored approach to get to know you, your passion, and how you can be best supported to express your ethos, goals, and offerings in the wellbeing space.

We do the behind-the-scenes work of researching, strategising, writing, and editing information for use on websites, blogs, social media, and publications, with the intention of making your business and products shine and stand out.

A range of options are available for all budgets, including one-off written pieces to full content packages tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you love writing your own content but simply do not have the time to do it yourself, are unsure exactly where to start, or writing and content development simply are not your forte, Her. Wellbeing. Creative. can help.

Her. Wellbeing. Creative. offers written content to use for your own website and social media platforms, and also offers collaboration options to help you boost your reach through promotion on the Her. Wellbeing. website.

Some examples of content we can help you with are;

  • Blog posts (including guest blog posts depending on your context)
  • Email copy
  • DM copy
  • Instagram/Facebook posts
  • Articles
  • Publications
  • Tool kits
  • Promotional copy

We aim to support clients according to their own unique context and ethos, so if you have specific needs for content that fall outside of the above, please make contact to discuss, as the list is by no means all we can offer.

Who We Work With

We love to work with many different individuals, businesses and brands whose ethos aligns with ours, to create pathways for women to prioritise their wellbeing, in a multitude of ways.

The Her. Wellbeing. website will provide you with a feel for the types of products, services, and organisations we have collaborated with previously to develop tailored content.

However, we are always looking to broaden our wellbeing context for our audience, and welcome new and innovative brands and businesses who aim to enhance wellbeing in some way.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Rebecca, Founder of Her. Wellbeing. and Her. Wellbeing. Creative.

My tertiary qualifications (double degree in Arts/Psychology) and career centred around crisis support have collectively provided me with over 20 years experience in content development and project management in the mental health and wellbeing space.

That experience has provided me with invaluable opportunities and growth, both professionally and personally.

I have extensive experience developing many different forms of content, from conceptualisation to final documentation and published material. I have also been the content advisor in many contexts relating to mental health and crisis support.

My experience ranges from formal writing (e.g., report writing, government submissions, policy development, grant submissions, Senate Inquiry submissions, training modules, mental health tool kits, booklets and publications, research papers and articles) to my passion for the more relaxed, relatable nature of blog posts on Her. Wellbeing. and guest blog posts for clients in the wellbeing space.

I absolutely love connecting with other’s who share my passion for wellbeing and self-growth, and relish the opportunity to work with individuals, small businesses and brands to create pathways and inspiration for women to prioritise their wellbeing every single day, so that what initially takes conscious effort, soon becomes habit.

Let’s Connect

Let Her. Wellbeing. Creative. support you to tell your story, capture the attention of your target audience, and express your business/brand ethos in a genuine and authentic way with your own unique voice.

If you would like to enquire about how we can support you or you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Please email;