H.W.’s Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Wellbeing

Wellbeing gift ideas

Her. Wellbeing. normally publishes a Monthly Top 3, which includes products that are tried and tested and sure to boost your wellbeing.

For December, we are changing things up a little and showcasing our favourite 3 products featured throughout the year that would make perfect Christmas gifts- for that loved one who would appreciate a gift with a wellbeing focus, or for you (because at Christmas you totally should be on your own gift list!).

As a bonus, we’re also highlighting a wellbeing-centred gift idea for both the men and children in your life too.

All brands featured are heart-based small businesses with a wellbeing-centred ethos. Let’s support small businesses this Christmas and give the gift of more conscious, healthy habits and lifestyle choices to loved ones that will inspire and support their overall wellbeing all year round. 

And so, for the final Monthly Top 3 of 2020 (Christmas edition), our top wellbeing gift ideas include;

For Her (Or You 😉)

1. Luxe Bamboo Leggings

In our November Top 3, these gorgeous bamboo leggings were featured, and they are honestly a staple in my everyday life. I can’t imagine any woman who would not appreciate a pair of these in her life too. They are literally like a 2nd skin, are so soft and there is no restriction of movement. I love these leggings so much that I will not wear others now, even my cotton leggings feel 2nd grade in comparison. I have literally slept in these like pyjamas, worn them at home as loungewear, worn them out to school pick up and to run errands, dressed them up with cute tops and dresses, worn them casually with t-shirts and jumpers, and worn them whilst travelling long distances. They are so versatile and comfortable!

These would be perfect for the fitness fanatic in your life who lives in activewear- the mama who chases, bends down, and crouches all day long- the yogi who stretches and poses with ease- the girl who loves to chill out in comfy clothes at the end of the day (or all day), and for any woman in your life really that has ever worn a pair of black leggings (which are probably not the beautiful luxe bamboo kind we are talking about here!).

The original review of these leggings can be read here, and includes more background about the wellbeing benefits of wearing bamboo.

These leggings can be purchased from Bamboo Island, a beautiful family-run small business whose ethos is to embrace slow eco-conscious living, with their luxe products being the very opposite of fast fashion and throwaway living.

Bamboo Island have very generously provided Her. Wellbeing. readers with a 10% discount code- HER10

2. MooGoo Natural Lip Balms

This is one of my favourite little gifts for stocking stuffers and Secret Santa presents at Christmas. I’ve loved the Moo Goo brand for years now for their natural formulas, and their lip balms are so nourishing. I have always opted to use their tinted lip balm whenever I have a special occasion or date night, rather than lipstick. It gives a lovely subtle raspberry colour to my lips, and I can rest assured that there are no nasties in it.

The tint used in this lip balm is actually beetroot extract! Their lip balms are only made from ingredients that are edible (which makes so much sense when you consider they go onto our lips and therefore into our mouths), and all ingredients are natural and non-toxic. I am hooked, and have their normal lip balms as well as the tinted one on hand always.

This year MooGoo have put together a Christmas pack of all their lip balms in a cute little tin. They are the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for those women in your life that love luxe, non-toxic beauty products.

Head to MooGoo to check out their gorgeous lip balms for all those stockings you need to fill, and make sure you treat yourself as well!

3. The Self Prophet Journal

I cannot recommend journaling enough as a great tool for self-reflection, intentional goal setting and releasing all the ‘stuff’ that we carry every day (aka: the mental load that can be distracting and overwhelming at times).

I love to give journals as gifts to my closest friends and family members who I know will relish the opportunity to pause, reflect and grow from the ritual of journaling regularly.

The Self Prophet Journal is fantastic if your loved one is new to journaling or prefers to have consistent prompts to frame their thinking. It has sections for goals, gratitude, health and wellbeing, and space for free writing.

I’ve used this journal most of this year and absolutely love the prompts as a starting point to ensure I am considering and working towards my goals intentionally every day, and then the free space has been amazing for releasing the mental load I may be carrying that day, or delving deeper into my thoughts to find clarity and purpose. Some days, it’s just been great to have a good ‘vent’ to myself and get things off my chest so I’m not dwelling on them, and allowing them to consume me. 

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that really does keep giving well after Christmas is over, go check out The Self Prophet Journal.

For Children

‘Weeds and Flowers Board Game’ by Grow Your Mind

This is a beautiful adaption of the classic board game Snakes and Ladders, which is based on positive psychology principles to build resilience, compassion and mindfulness.

Through playing this game you can begin building an understanding of the 4 key areas of the brain, the characteristics that help us flourish, and about how our actions can impact our experience of life’s ups and downs. 

This is not just your average standard board game. It is visually appealing (so pretty!) and the insights it offers both adults and children into human behaviour are so great. It gives concrete examples of positive behaviour and limiting behaviour that children can understand (For example, you might land on a ‘weed’ square that says, “You say something is boring before trying it”, or a ‘flower’ square that says “You make a mistake, and you try again”). Hence you get to progress or go backwards in the game.

It’s a great conversation starter with children to gently talk about helpful and unhelpful behaviours and how they can affect so many aspects of our everyday experiences and relationships.

This would make such an amazing Christmas gift with a difference for those little people in your life. Go and check out Grow Your Mind – they also have other beautiful products that can help parents to build-up their children’s emotional intelligence and enhance their wellbeing as well as the board game, and have highlighted smaller items on their website too that would make great stocking stuffers.

For Him

Pacman Bamboo Underwear

I was thrilled to find bamboo Pacman-themed boxer shorts, socks and trunks for the men in my life who are big fans of retro gaming. Bamboo Island have some really funky designs with their underwear and socks for men that would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas! They aren’t your everyday boring socks and undies, they have many vibrantly coloured designs, and also have Donkey Kong and Space Invaders styles as well.

They are such good quality, and I love bamboo as it is chemical-free in its production, making it extremely eco-friendly and non-toxic for him. It’s also hypo-allergenic, thermo-regulating (meaning it will keep him warm in Winter and cool in Summer), and it’s naturally anti-bacterial (meaning it will keep him feeling and smelling sweet). The cherry on top is that bamboo is the most luxe, buttery-soft fabric he will ever wear.

For those men in your life that are tricky to buy for, or those that are 80’s gamer enthusiasts, go check out Bamboo Island’s men’s range for some awesome gift ideas that he will think are so cool and actually get good use out of. 

Don’t forget, Bamboo Island have very generously provided Her. Wellbeing. readers with a 10% discount code- HER10

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