Interview with Chloe from Willelaine Aromatherapy

I was so excited to have the chance to interview the beautiful Chloe, creator of Willelaine Aromatherapy, about all things wellbeing and essential oils for our Women’s Wellbeing Interview Series.

Read on below as we talk about how Willelaine came about, what wellbeing looks and feels like for Chloe, and how essential oils can enhance our wellbeing.  

Thank you so much Chloe for taking time to share your wisdom 😊 Tell us about your journey from discovering essential oils to creating such a beautiful and accessible brand based around them- how did Willelaine Aromatherapy come about?

Struggling with anxiety and migraines from an extremely young age, not a lot could relieve my anxiety & stress. By the age of 12, I had tried chatting to a therapist, meditation classes, yoga classes, vitamins, and pills. The first encounter I had with natural remedies was at an acupuncture clinic who made a whole heap of cool natural therapies.

My mum, (who helped me try everything possible) was keen to give it a go, so she bought me a natural Chinese blend to put under my tongue, and a roll-on bottle of an essential oil blend. That night, I tried it all out. I was astounded with how much of a difference it made. I can still remember the feeling now.

In the end, I had tried a heap of different things but had found that aromatherapy helped me the most! It was something that I could easily take with me wherever I went, it acted as a bit of a security blanket and most importantly, it was totally natural, which I thought was amazing.

As a young person who was interested in nice things, I found that there was nothing on the “trendier” side of aromatherapy. It was all very underground “hippy dippy” style stuff. Personally, I craved something I could carry around in my school bag, that looked cool, that was a beautiful product. But there was nothing out there, and if there was, it was WAY too expensive for a 12-year-old.

When I came up with the idea for Willelaine, I wanted to create something that was luxe, beautiful, 100% Natural, and inexpensive (so everyone who wanted one, could have one). This was so important to me, I personally knew how expensive this kind of thing was when my mum and dad were spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars trying to help me deal with my condition.

When thinking about how I wanted my brand to be, I really considered the fact that I was in a privileged position, and most kids at my school wouldn’t have had the same access to this sort of thing, yet a lot of them would have been suffering from similar conditions.

I want these products to help as many people as possible because they really do work. So, by making them as affordable and accessible as I could, I hope now, to be helping as many people as I can with anxiety and similar conditions.

I’m super open about my struggles with anxiety now but used to be pretty closed off about it all because it wasn’t really something that was spoken about. I’m really trying to get rid of the stigma around anxiety and get more and more people talking about it openly! Our products are fun, beautiful and something that can sit on your desk with no shame attached. Just a beautiful little bit of self-care which I believe everyone needs a bit of.

I absolutely love your heart-based motivation and the personal experience that has shaped your brand and products! What has been your proudest moment so far in creating your own brand in the wellbeing space?

Ohhh, there has definitely been a couple! Seeing my products being bought for the first time was pretty special. Even now I pinch myself when someone goes up to the counter with one of my products!

I was very lucky to score a space inside Whitepepper Homewares (the most beautiful homewares store you’ve ever seen) for my very own mini shop. Seeing my products in my own physical space is still super surreal. I love it. I don’t think Willelaine would be where it is today without this space.

My other one would for sure be seeing my products stocked in Cotton On. That whole experience was super crazy, and to be honest still doesn’t feel real. The first time the team at Cotton On contacted me I actually thought it was a scam! Ha-ha!

Wow, what amazing achievements! Can you explain a little about how essential oils enhance our wellbeing?

Oh my gosh. So many ways. Essential oils are incredible- they are natural, and they really work if you get the right blend. Our essential oils at Willelaine are all blended to serve a purpose.

So, if you’re really struggling with brain fog, we have our Focus Blend. If you can’t sleep at night, we have our Sleep Blend. If you’re feeling super anxious or worried, we have our Calm Blend.

Being anxious, not sleeping well and being unfocused and unmotivated can be a massive obstacle in your general wellbeing. These little day to day practices of using essential oils can enhance your wellbeing in so many ways. Usually if you’ve got something going on there’s an essential oil to help it.

And what does wellbeing look and feel like for you?

Wellbeing for me is being healthy, happy and being able to achieve what I want to achieve. It’s being able to wake up full of energy, feeling motivated and excited for my day and feeling good. It’s feeling confident and happy with myself, and it’s knowing that I am supported and loved. Wellbeing means living the life I want to live basically!

Do you consciously make time for self-care? Are there particular essential oils that are part of any self-care rituals you have?

Oh yes absolutely. Self-care is a huge part of my life. I’ve recently learnt to prioritise it as it really makes a huge difference to how I am with others as well. I’ve also learnt that self-care can look like anything that you enjoy. It doesn’t need to necessarily be putting on a facemask and diffusing lavender (but it can be!). It can be ordering in some Thai food and watching Gossip Girl if that’s what you need.

My personal self-care looks like a mixture. Through the week I try and have a night where I exfoliate my body, pop a face mask on and wash my hair. My favourite little self-care ritual now is ordering my favourite Italian, popping on my Sleep diffuser drops, getting a glass of wine and watching Netflix. It’s my ultimate way to switch off right now.

As for little daily rituals, I do always carry my Calm, Happy and Focus roll-ons and pop these on throughout my day. I also diffuse my Sleep diffuser drops every night and mist my bedding with our Sleep Pillow Mist. That’s a must.

They sound divine! Do you have any hobbies?

I do! So apart from my Italian eating and wine drinking, I love to dance and go to the gym. I do 7 dance classes a week and a few PT sessions. I really love these because not only are they super good for my physical health, they’re also SO beneficial to my mental health.

What is your top tip for turning a bad day around?

This is going to sound SO cheesy, but it really works. If I am feeling crappy or someone else is, I always recommend listing 10 things that you’re super grateful for in that moment. Sounds silly and so cliche, but it works wonders.

It can be that you’re super grateful for the conversation you had with your dad or the chai you got to have with your mum this morning, or the joy your dog brings to you, or the shoes on your feet or that you have a healthy body. It can be anything. I’ve even gotten down to the fact that I’m grateful for my big plant outside my room.

The highest vibe is being grateful, so you almost can’t continue feeling rubbish if you go through as many things as you can of what you are feeling grateful for.

It really does shift your headspace and perspective, doesn’t it? And how do you find a sense of balance in life?

To be honest, I do find this hard. Between trying to run my business, keeping a healthy mind, a healthy body, working on my friendships and spending time with my family, as well as incorporating those self-care rituals, It’s tricky.

Everyone has their own stuff, and their own way of finding balance, but I’ve found what I am best to do is write down my list and put the things I want to get done in the list.

So, if I want to get my nails done or go for a walk, or go to the gym, if it’s on the list, it will get prioritised and get done. I find that’s the best way to do it. I’ll also try and book in stuff. Rather than saying I’ll go to the gym when I finish my work (work is never ending so that’s never going to happen ha-ha!) I book it in. So, I say at 4:30 I have my PT session, I’ll put it in my diary, and I’ll stick to it. Then by the end of the week, I’ve had a healthy amount of time to myself, work time etc.

As for finding balance within my relationships and family, I really try to avoid working on the weekends unless I need to. This carves out time for me to spend with them, without distraction, which is super important to me.

What is happiness to you?

Happiness to me is feeling content but inspired. Its feeling content with where I am at, but excited to keep growing and moving forward. I really love feeling like I’m in a good flow. Feeling productive and content at the same time. It’s also of course having a healthy body and having my loved ones around, healthy, and safe.

What 3 things can’t you live without?

My family, my phone and good food.

And how do you relax?

To be honest I do find it hard to switch off. My mind is a typical overthinking business mind- always thinking about different things. My parents are the exact same, so our house is basically filled with overactive minds and big ideas constantly ha-ha!

Making time and incorporating those self-care rituals I said before, popping on my Calm roll-on throughout the day, really helps ground me and just generally doing things that I really enjoy. The secret to me relaxing is taking my mind off things (at least for ten minutes). I do meditate which I find really helps my overactive mind! I also listen to a lot of podcasts which kind of forces me to think about that rather than other stuff.

You’ve already mentioned a few of your go-to Willelaine products, can you pick a favourite?  

I’m going to cheat and pick two!!

I love the Calm roll-on. It’s where Willelaine all started, and it really does work. I love carrying it around like a little security blanket. Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I roll it on like crazy and let it do its job. It’s a super comforting product for me.

I also really love the Sleep Pillow Mist. I go between using both the mist and the Sleep diffuser drops, but if I had to pick one it would be the pillow mist. Its scent is just SO calming, and whenever I feel restless or can’t switch off, this product is AMAZING.

Beautiful! And lastly, are there particular essential oils you would recommend to help alleviate some common wellbeing issues that women face, such as:

Feelings of stress and anxiety

Lavender, bergamot, camomile, and patchouli

Sleep difficulties

Lavender, Vetiver, Cedar Wood and Camomile

Menstrual problems

Lavender, Clary sage, Peppermint and Cinnamon

Feeling tired and lacking energy

Orange, Peppermint, Lime, Spearmint and Lemon

Feeling unmotivated

Orange, Peppermint, Basil, Rosemary, Coriander

Thank you so much to Chloe for your time and openness in sharing your sense of wellbeing with us, and your insights into essential oils and their benefits for our energy and mental health.

For more essential oil wisdom follow Chloe over on Instagram @willelaine.aromatherapy

And make sure you check out Willelaine and stock up on all of those beautiful self-care tools Chloe mentioned!

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