Interview with Sarah from the Conscious Calendar Co.

In our Monthly Top 3 last month we featured the gorgeous Crystal Calendars by the Conscious Calendar Co. I was so excited to have the chance to interview the beautiful Sarah, creator of Conscious Calendar Co., about all things wellbeing and crystals for our final interview in the Women’s Wellbeing Interview Series for 2020.

Read on below as we talk about how the Conscious Calendar Co. came about, what wellbeing looks and feels like for Sarah, and how crystals can enhance wellbeing.  

Thank you so much Sarah for taking time to share your wisdom 😊 Tell us, what inspired the development of the Conscious Calendar Co?

We were driving home from the Byron Bay hinterland on New Year’s Eve 2018. I loved seeing all the crystals, zodiac signs and beautiful art in the stores around me. On the way home I started to ponder, what could I create to sit amongst these stores… I had a small collection of crystals but always forgot their names and attributes and as my brain started ticking I thought a calendar would be an easy way to focus on one at a time, but why not also add an advent calendar on the back so you can not only learn but also connect with the physical crystal.

I LOVE your focus on crystals, and your new seed calendars this year. Why did you choose these as the themes for your stunning calendars?

Thank you so much. I think with the way the world is at the moment, we have been permitted the time and space for reflection – one which has prompted spiritual growth of the individual alongside questioning our connection with nature. Personally, crystals have been an integral part of my own spiritual regeneration as each provides a clear focus or an element for me to meditate and consider. They allow me to become a better version of myself through this practice. The seeds are also connected to this idea of growth as they align with our desire to slow down and connect with oneself, to appreciate the slowing of time, the changing of seasons and to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour.

Tell us about your journey with crystals- when/how did you become interested in them?

I was a hippie child at heart, always interested in alternative methods of living, discovering new modalities. But my up bringing in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs didn’t really tie in with that soul part of my journey. When I connected with crystals I felt like I was home.

I would find them at markets, wear them on weekends and tuck them away into my room.

I’ve had crystals help me with self-love, financial abundance and stability at home. 

How do you think crystals can enhance our wellbeing?

The power of a crystal lies in the hand of the beholder, and the individual’s connection with the energy. For me, there is an intention attached to each one which, when I meditate upon this, provides a clear course of action for me to follow. In this sense, I am energised by some crystals and provided clarity by others.

What does wellbeing look and feel like for you?

Wellbeing is striking a balance between physical health, psychological wellness, spiritual wellbeing and nourishment for your body. These elements will have different importance depending on the individual.

You’re a mum to two gorgeous boys and a little girl, has your concept of wellbeing changed or shifted since becoming a mum?

Thank you, they are gorgeous and I love everything about them. Having had two little boys first I was nervous to have a daughter. Coming from a family of three sisters and attending a private girl’s school I didn’t want to carry any of my past body issues or eating habits onto her.

My aim as a mum is to make sure my children are confident and happy within themselves, just being them. I strive to provide them with whole, natural and as organic as I can food.

Mental wellbeing is also really important, so I make sure they are open minded, understand their emotions as best as I can and give gratitude at the end of each day.

Do you make time for self-care?

Absolutely I do! I am a creature of habit and I follow much the same routine every day. After waking, I use a tongue scraper, then stretch my body. After I shower I dry body brush and repeat positive affirmations – focusing on the words and my body. It’s an almost meditative experience and has allowed a better relationship with my body. For my beauty routine, I use Eunioa Soul Rituals products.

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m really lucky that I got to turn my hobby into a business.

I love spending time with friends and entertaining when I can. Put me near a pool, the ocean or a lake and I am the happiest version of myself.

And I guess you could say my daily coffee intake at my favourite café is a hobby too 🙂

What is your top tip for turning a bad day around?

Bad days are inevitable but it’s important to remember that they don’t last. I am also fortunate to have a strong support network around me; my family and friends are always around to provide emotional support and pick up the pieces when needed.

How do you find a sense of balance in life?

Balance for me is a return to the simpler things. By putting the technology away and nourishing myself – connecting with people and nature. A conversation with a friend or a partner, bare feet on grass, the sound of waves at Noosa Main Beach, sunshine on my face – all provide connection to the divine and yields both perspective and balance.

What is happiness to you?

Being proud of myself and my family brings me much happiness. When we spend quality time together around the table or at the beach. (I should really move to the ocean 🙂).

What 3 things can’t you live without?

The ocean, my family and my coffee.

What‘s the most significant thing that your children have taught you?

Ah! To give love, to receive love and to be yourself unapologetically but in all honesty they teach me new things all the time. It’s so wonderful to see the world through their eyes, my little girl in particular is such a pure little soul, fiercely independent and confident in herself.

How do you relax?

Finding time for myself, even to do the simplest of things is relaxing, For example, lighting a candle and taking a shower. I like to think of it as a metaphorical cleansing at the end of the day – the closing of one part of the day and the start of a new one. It’s also manageable and achievable, no matter where you are. Music also helps me to relax. I like to listen to lounge music, drowning myself in faraway places as I reflect on the day.

What is your favourite crystal and why?

I love my rose quartz. I find it helps bring me back to self, to remind me to love myself and connect within. Each month when I get my period I place a larger piece on my womb and send love to the feminine energy within me.

Is there one crystal you carry with you each day?

I always have citrine in my wallet, for happiness and abundance.

For someone just beginning to explore crystals and their different energies, what crystal would you recommend as we move from 2020 into 2021, to help manifest positive energy and a fresh start?

Clear quartz is always a winning crystal to start with. It allows for clarity of mind and is a light energy to work with. It also helps amplify the energy of other crystals should you already have some.

Thank you so much to Sarah for your time and openness in sharing your sense of wellbeing with us, and your insights into crystals and their different energies.

For more crystal wisdom follow Sarah over on Instagram @conscious_calendar_co

And make sure you check out her beautiful calendars

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