Monthly Top 3- June 2020

Each month Her. Wellbeing. will provide you with a ‘Monthly Top 3’ List. This will include items, products, services, practices or entertainment that are tried and tested and sure to boost your wellbeing!

Throughout June as Winter has set in and we have been navigating this adjustment period coming out of isolation, I have been really conscious of honouring my wellbeing, staying warm, and feeling comfort above all else.

I have used a practice that has allowed me to tap into how I am feeling daily, and products that have nurtured and increased my overall comfort and coping  capacity. Here is Her. Wellbeing.’s Top 3 for June;

  1. Journaling

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Self Prophet Journal to try out throughout June, and it honestly could not have come at a better time. In the face of all the change we are experiencing right now in the world, and trying to adjust to our new ‘normal’, picking up the practice of daily journaling has helped me tremendously to make sense of everything that’s happening outside of myself, and internally. It’s allowed me to acknowledge and release my fears, worries and anxieties, and at times to challenge my own thinking when I’ve seen it put down on paper.

I’ve also really been intentional this year about setting goals and striving for personal growth. I’ve really tried to view this year and the massive changes we’ve faced as an opportunity to step back, look at the bigger picture, and re-evaluate what is working, and what requires some attention for change. The last few months have been a great opportunity to think about what I want life to look like on the other side of this global change, and how I can set some intentional goals to make that happen. Journaling every day has kept me accountable to making progress with the changes I want to make, and being deliberate with the new habits I am trying to cultivate moving forward.

I have journaled on and off since my teens, and I’ve always loved that I can sit down with a blank page in front of me, and by the time I’m finished writing I’ve delved deep into issues I didn’t even know were there, acknowledged my gratitude for the things in my life that really light me up, and feel more relaxed and content again if I’d started out feeling anxious or out of sorts. It truly has been such a great tool for caring for my wellbeing throughout my adult life when I’ve needed it.

I cannot recommend journaling enough as a great tool for self-reflection, intentional goal setting and releasing all the ‘stuff’ that we carry every day (aka: the mental load that can be distracting and overwhelming at times).

The Self Prophet Journal is fantastic if you are new to journaling or prefer to have consistent prompts to frame your thinking. It has sections for goals, gratitude, health and wellbeing, and space for free writing. I absolutely love the prompts as a starting point to ensure I am considering and working towards my goals intentionally every day, and then the free space has been amazing for releasing the mental load I may be carrying that day, or delving deeper into my thoughts to find clarity and purpose. Some days, it’s just been great to have a good ‘vent’ to myself and get things off my chest so I’m not dwelling on them, and allowing them to consume me. 

Upon being gifted the journal, I worked it into my morning routine every day. As soon as I wake, I make my coffee and journal for 10-20 minutes. It has really helped to start my days off feeling lighter, motivated and purposeful. Just bringing that presence and awareness back to my own thoughts, feelings and working through any blockers or overwhelm has been amazing for staying positive and having a healthy mindset.

What I’ve particularly loved about the Self Prophet Journal is the health and wellbeing section, that prompts you to think about your mood, and set intentions for how you will nourish yourself, how you will work movement into your day, and how you will take care of your spiritual needs. Even just writing a sentence every morning to set intentions under these areas has helped me to ensure I am considering them, making them a habit, and has pushed me to seek variety in these areas as well.

When I started off using the journal, I soon noticed after a week or so that I was listing the same things under each heading, or there were particular areas where the intention was there every day to do something, but it never happened. This was actually great for me, because it made me more intentional about seeking variety in the ways I am caring for myself, and focusing on consistently actually doing those things to ensure I am caring for my wellbeing in a more holistic way.

If you’re interested in picking up journaling as a form of self-growth and care, have a look at;

2. Bliss Bites

So I bought these chocolate bliss bites for my kids and ended up devouring most of them myself- they are SO good! Created by Health Lab Kids, these bites are the perfect size for snacking, and are completely guilt free. Ingredients include dates, organic coconut, raw cacao, and organic coconut oil. I love that they have minimal ingredients but are totally packed with flavour.

I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic, and these bites have totally saved me to succumbing to way too much chocolate in one day lately! Whenever the cold weather hits my cravings for chocolate (comfort) skyrocket, and these bites totally satisfy that craving whilst also being more nourishing for my body. I have ended up buying two packets every shop now so I can have my own stash as well as the kids! I have a couple with my coffee for morning or afternoon tea and they feel totally indulgent!

If you love chocolate and are looking for a slightly healthier substitute, look no further;

3. 100% Wool Scarf

Being a huge advocate of natural fibres over synthetic for clothing, with Winter setting in I invested in a 100% pure Australian merino wool blanket scarf. I absolutely love blanket scarfs for their size and snugness, you can use them as a wrap or a super big warm scarf. I’ve even used them as a baby blanket in the pram if I’ve forgotten the actual baby blanket. I had one in the past that I absolutely loved, but unfortunately it was made out of acrylic and I just didn’t love that aspect of it. I just don’t feel great about essentially wearing plastic on my skin, and over the last few years have phased out all synthetic fabrics from my wardrobe.

So when I came across Tasman Ugg’s pure wool versions, I snapped one up. They are so soft and cosy, and come in a beautiful range of soft colours. Because they are made from wool, they are breathable, but toasty warm, even through icy winds, which we get a lot where I live. Being 100% wool, it was a little pricier than synthetic scarves, but knowing how hard it can be to find 100% natural fibres in accessories like this, I had no hesitation buying it, knowing it would stand the test of time and last for years to come.

If you’re looking for a quality, natural wool scarf that makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a soft fluffy cloud, take a look at these;

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