Monthly Top 3- March 2022

Each month Her. Wellbeing. will provide you with a ‘Monthly Top 3’ List. This will include items, products, services, practices, or entertainment that are tried and tested and sure to boost your wellbeing!

My big focus throughout March has been really taking care of myself with an all-natural, no-nasties approach, using products made consciously that are better for my health as well as being socially responsible. I’ve also been intentionally investing more into my self-love and appreciation journey through the things that I choose to use every day, and the mindset that they evoke. Read on to hear about some gems I’ve discovered to supercharge my daily self-care regime and invest in brands that are about so much more than simply selling a product.

  1. One of a Kind Skincare

For those of you that have followed along with Her. Wellbeing. for a while now, you know that we are such a huge advocate of natural skincare. I just couldn’t go past trying One of a Kind Skincare’s Superfood Moisturiser, which was recently awarded Bronze in the Clean and Conscious Awards for the category of Normal/Dry Skin Moisturiser- and as I have found, they are so deserving of this award!

I have been using the moisturiser for the last month, and oh my goodness! I just can’t get enough of this little gem- from its gorgeous scent to its luxe texture! The first thing I noticed about the moisturiser the first time I used it was the gorgeous smell- white grapefruit and rose geranium. It has such a delicate fragrance and reminds me of a bunch of beautiful roses every time I put it on. The therapeutic benefit I get from the smell alone every time I use this moisturiser is next level. Utilising the natural fragrance of essential oils, it truly does evoke a sense of calm first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Using this moisturiser as part of my nurturing routine really sets me up for a joyful and positive mindset going into my day, and a calm and peaceful state of mind before bed every night.

The texture of the Superfood Moisturiser is so luxe! It is light weight and absorbent, yet feels really nourishing for my somewhat sensitive skin. To be honest, I haven’t always had the best luck with skincare containing essential oils in the past. Some have just been too potent for my sensitive skin. But One of a Kind Skincare’s formulation feels so gentle and nourishing, and I love that it absorbs so well so that it did not affect the look of my makeup during the day- and this has always been a make-or-break criteria for me with moisturiser. It really provides a smooth base so that there are no awkward streaks in sight! I also love that whilst I have been using it, the weather has been quite warm, and despite the heat it has never felt heavy or sticky to me during the day. Sometimes during Summer and Autumn I have forgone moisturisers during the day because they just left my skin feeling so suffocated and ‘heavy’. But it is a true testament to this formulation that I have never felt this way on even the hottest of days.

An area of concern for me with my skin lately has been fine lines around my eyes and forehead that appear deeper after sleeping on my pillow all night. Usually, they are quite visible for a good few hours after waking. But I have honestly noticed that these lines are disappearing a lot quicker every morning when I’m applying the Superfood Moisturiser. It really does feel like those problem areas are just soaking up the natural goodness and staying smoother from morning to night.

The thing that really got my attention when I first came across One of a Kind Skincare was the name of this little gem- Superfood. It really is a little bottle of super nourishing and natural ingredients for your skin- like aloe vera juice, olive leaf extract, wheatgrass extract, and acai fruit oil to name a few! I absolutely adore that all ingredients are completely natural, and a good portion are organic as well.

Overall, this is such a gorgeous brand who are conscious on so many levels- from the natural ingredients they choose to use in products, to being socially and environmentally responsible. Each month, a charity is selected and 10% of sales are donated- it is just such a beautiful initiative and a testament to One of a Kind Skincare’s ethos of really being actively kind in all facets of life. It just motivated me even more to want to use their gorgeous products, knowing that there was so much more happening behind the scenes that benefit so many. All products are made locally right here in Australia in small hand-made batches, and are vegan and cruelty free. They are also extremely eco-conscious, with all packaging being environmentally friendly and recyclable.

To say I am totally hooked is an understatement! Do your skin and your senses a favour and head over to One of a Kind Skincare to try their gorgeous products.

2. Nurturing Her Store

I recently discovered this beautiful brand that have just launched, and create a range of womenswear and accessories centred around evoking a greater sense of self-worth and acceptance. Nurturing Her are passionate about inspiring and supporting women to embrace every part of who they are and to recognise the magic within.

I absolutely adore the ethos of this beautiful brand, which was born from a desire to remind you to truly embrace all that you are, and genuinely love yourself without conditions. They believe that embracing every part of you, and loving and accepting yourself, is so important for your overall wellbeing, and your ability to show up in life fully.

They have lovingly created a range of products that have been designed to remind you to love and accept yourself throughout little pockets of your day- from when you sip your first coffee or tea in the morning, to when you cosy up in your comfy clothes before bed.

Their ethos alone is not the only beautiful thing about this brand, but their products are all just so gorgeous! Their launch collection was entitled Made of Stars, and features the most gorgeous T-shirts, jumpers, coffee cups and jewellery. I adore the whimsical design of these pieces, and the fact that their T-shirts are 100% cotton. I have been wearing my T-shirt both at home when I’m chilling out and when I’m out and about and a bit more put together. I love wearing it knotted with a floral maxi skirt, it’s just such a beautiful vibe and a gorgeous reminder every time I catch my reflection of my own magic.

Their brand was built upon the notion of thinking is believing. Visual cues (like the sayings on their gorgeous products) enter your consciousness, and you take that in and start to think about it- and what we think, we believe and attract. Our thoughts have the power to shape our lives, and Nurturing Her wants you to see these cues of how special you are numerous times a day, so that they have a positive impact on how you think and feel about yourself, and in turn, how you nurture your mind, body, and soul in order to thrive and feel like your best self.

And I have to say that their mission works! I have also been using one of their coffee cups during the day, to make my coffee first thing in the morning, drink my water during the day, and to have a soothing cup of tea before bed. And every time I reach for it to take a sip, seeing the message “The world needs your sparkle” is such a motivator to keep going, do my best, and believe in myself regardless of what is happening that day. It has actually helped my mindset tremendously on those days when I might be feeling a little down, or frustrated, or something pops up that I feel is a little too much or too hard and self-doubt creeps in. It’s like the little motivator whispering in my ear that I can handle anything, and I am on the path I need to be.

All their products are such beautiful gifts to yourself or a loved one that you’d like to remind how special they are. I also have one of their hoodies in preparation for the cooler weather, and it is so soft, cosy, and awesome quality. I went with the black “Made of Stars” design, and it just feels so feminine and snuggly. I cannot wait for the cooler weather so I can wear it out and remind myself and others how bright we all shine!

If you are after a beautiful piece for yourself or a loved one that looks gorgeous, and has a deeper meaning, head to Nurturing Her. They have very generously offered all Her. Wellbeing. readers 15% off for the month of April with code HWSHINES15

3. Mindful colouring

I am always on the lookout for different ways to naturally bring some calm and mindfulness into my day, and this month I have really been loving mindful colouring as a grounding practice. Being a mum, there is always an endless supply of coloured pencils around the house, and I have invested in a few mindful colouring books for myself over the last few weeks.

I have found that mindful colouring really has a soothing effect for me as it requires you to bring your attention to what is presented in front of you, and to physically draw your eye and concentration to the repetitive nature of pencil strokes as you colour. I have found it invaluable as a practice when I am feeling overwhelmed or frazzled- even just a couple of minutes of colouring forces me to shift my focus and concentration to what is in front of me long enough to have a calming effect and be able to continue with my day being more present and focused. Being so big on art my whole life, this has actually been the perfect way for me to tap back into my artistic side, whilst also bringing that calm into my day.

There are so many mindful colouring books available for adults, and you don’t even really need one if you’re artistic by nature (or not!). Just draw a pattern with a black pen on a piece of paper and then get colouring! I’ve also started doing this with my children every time they are having big emotions, and it’s a beautiful way to slow down and reconnect, and have some quite time together to talk through what is going on for them.

If you haven’t tried mindful colouring, why not give it a go the next time you are in need of 5 minutes of calm and connection!

My favourite colouring book this month is Art Therapy Mindful Colouring: Relax.

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