Monthly Top 3- May 2021

Each month Her. Wellbeing. will provide you with a ‘Monthly Top 3’ List. This will include items, products, services, practices or entertainment that are tried and tested and sure to boost your wellbeing!

As the cooler weather is creeping up on us this month here in Australia, May’s Top 3 to boost wellbeing centre around nourishment, warmth, and creating mindful pockets in your day to soothe the soul and nurture your skin in three very different ways! The following 3 things have become staples to my self-care routine this month;

Creating mindful rituals that nourish from the inside out

Over the last month I have begun to create a mindful ritual to start and end my day- drinking tea. This allows me to slow the pace for 10 minutes, tune-in to how I’m feeling, and take some conscious time to concentrate on me and my wellbeing. But I’m supercharging the wellbeing benefits of this practice by not just drinking your standard tea. I’ve been using The Glow Blend organic teas, formulated from beautiful ingredients curated for AM and PM sipping, with the intention of helping your skin to glow from the inside out.

I love that these teas are so unprocessed and natural in their form, unlike some bigger tea companies that ground and blend their ingredients, I just feel better knowing these are pure in their form and have not tampered with natures intention. Upon opening the bags for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty these teas are! Made in their purest form of drying the ingredients with no processing, the delicate little flowers and leaves are worthy of being displayed around your home in cute bowls and vessels! Both the AM and PM blend are so delicate to taste and not overpowering at all. I’ve actually struggled to drink chamomile tea in the past as I’d found some brands to be overpowering, but The Glow Blend version is just beautiful. I think the addition of Australian bee pollen has definitely sweetened the tea to perfection and given it a unique element that’s just divine. My favourite part of the AM blend is definitely the subtle hint of blueberry it has- it’s just so refreshing in a warm and comforting way!

I find the act of brewing a cup of tea from loose leaves is almost a meditative act in itself. The smell, the sounds, the comfort of the stream on a cool morning and evening. It really does ignite all your senses if you allow it to. Coming into cooler weather it’s been such a comforting ritual to add first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night to warm me up and create a sense of calm.

I’ve made it part of my conscious self-care every day not to make this tea and drink it in the morning rush or the bedtime exhaustion, but to commit to actually sitting down for that time it takes to drink it without any distractions (i.e., no phone scrolling or TV on), and just really tune in to how I’m feeling in that moment, and what I need. I’ve found these pockets of uninterrupted time in my day addictive, as they allow me to gear up mentally and emotionally for the day ahead each morning, and consciously reflect on the day’s experiences every evening.

What I adore about these teas are the added benefits of each ingredient on my skin. We so often reach for ‘quick-fixes’ when it comes to skincare- that next miracle cream that will transform our problem areas. However, more often than not, these are band-aid solutions that don’t actually address the cause of an issue in the first place. What I love and feel good about with The Glow Blend is that you are taking time to nourish your skin from the inside out. It’s a cliche but true, that what you put into your body really does have a way of showing up externally. Not to mention, effects how we feel both in terms of our energy levels and our self-esteem. Knowing I’m putting these organic superpower ingredients into my body to enhance my wellbeing has not only had a physical impact, but a positive psychological impact for me as well. Knowing I’m fuelling my body with so many antioxidants to help prevent chronic health problems adds to my sense of self-love and care in a very practical way.

I genuinely have noticed a difference in my skin since using these teas every day. It took a little over two weeks to notice that the usual redness and dryness I have around my nose was almost completely gone. I’ve had this for years, and it worsened after having my children. I have tried so many creams to try and alleviate it, but nothing has ever worked very well. I have also noticed that my skin seems less dull, particularly under my eyes, which usually give away when I am more fatigued than usual. I’d begun to notice more puffiness under my eyes before starting to use the teas, and that has definitely diminished since I’ve been using them. Coming into the cooler months, my skin also develops dry patches, particularly around my chin and forehead. I haven’t had any dryness whilst using The Glow Blend, the formulation really does seem to have a thirst-quenching effect on my skin.

On the note of fatigue and puffy eyes, I’ve actually found that I am drifting off to sleep a lot faster since implementing the routine of having a mindful tea every evening. Usually, I can lie awake for some time with thoughts and to-do lists running through my head. I think intentionally allowing time every evening to process how I’m feeling and any thoughts that come up means I’m less inclined to do this when my head hits the pillow. So, the act of having the teas seems to have the added benefit of calming my mind and reducing daily stressors for me too.

I cannot recommend these gorgeous teas enough. All ingredients are 100% natural, organic, vegan, gluten free, ethically sourced, and blended right here in Australia. The benefits of all ingredients are outlined below in more detail.

I also love the back story to how these teas were developed. Jess, the founder of The Glow Blend, suffered with adult acne for 2-3 years and was disheartened trying product after product that did not help. She began her mission to spend less money on unhelpful products and find a natural solution that would actually help her skin and ease the anxiety her condition was causing her. That’s when she developed The Glow Blend. I love that Jess’s story is so relatable, and that she has developed a heart-based business to help others with something that she personally struggled with. You just know that the development of these teas is completely authentic, ethical and trustworthy, because Jess initially developed them for herself and still uses them today.  

The Glow Blend are very generously offering all Her. Wellbeing. readers 10% discount off purchases using the code HERWELLBEING10. Nourish your skin and overall wellbeing and give them a try!

Saving my hands!

The combination of living in a very cool climate, unseasonal cooler snaps earlier this year, and being a mum to young children (aka- washing hands 50 billion times a day) means that my hands are in a constant state of dryness, cracking, and generally looking like they should belong to a 90-year-old woman. Add on the constant hand sanitisation when out and about these days and my poor hands are really feeling the burn!

Enter this magnificent little tube of pure relief! I have tried way too many hand creams over the years in an attempt to find a miracle cure for my poor hands. Nothing has quite worked or motivated me to be consistent with applying. But then I discovered Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream.

I was first drawn to the lack of nasties contained in it, and also know the power of coconut oil, so thought I’d give it a try. The results have been nothing short of amazing! It is quite thick to apply, which is what I need, but it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave an icky residue. My hands feel instant relief when I apply it, and any little cracks soon disappear within a day if I apply it a couple of times during the day. Two other bonuses- it smells amazing, and it’s very budget friendly.

I have multiple tubes of this, around my home, in my car and in my handbag so that I am never without it and reminded to reapply when my skin feels dry. Definitely give this a try if your hands are prone to dryness!

Warming my body and soul

If you’re comfortable getting a massage, I can’t recommend getting a hot stone massage enough, especially during the colder months. Warm stones are used during the massage and placed gently down your back and used in soothing sweeping motions as a tool for the massage. It produces a veil of soothing warmth over your whole body that is so beautiful and relaxing. 

The addition of heat to traditional massage promotes deeper relaxation, improves circulation, promotes better sleep, and can be more effective in relieving any muscle aches or pains you may have. 

I love getting these massages because of the soothing warmth factor, the overall relaxation, and the grounding effect they have from taking time out of your everyday and focusing your senses on you for a whole hour. After years of wanting to try hot stone massage, I had one last Winter and there is absolutely no going back, they are definitely part of my self-care toolkit for colder months now.

Just look up massage therapist in your local area if you don’t already have one you see, or ask friends and family for recommendations in your area. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done!

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