Monthly Top 3- November 2020

Each month Her. Wellbeing. will provide you with a ‘Monthly Top 3’ List. This will include items, products, services, practices or entertainment that are tried and tested and sure to boost your wellbeing!

November’s Top 3 wellbeing focuses are;

1. Exploring crystals and their different energies

As the year has progressed, my intrigue and interest with crystals and their different energies has increased. I’ve always been drawn to crystals and how unique and pretty they all are, and I’ve always been interested in the meaning behind each stone.

Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not, their beauty and symbolic meaning can help to remind you of certain goals or intentions that you would like to foster and focus on, simply by placing them somewhere that you can see them and be reminded of what they represent daily. By having them around you, they can be used as a tool to keep your mind and energy focused on a particular intention or objective that you are working on. What I have come to realise is no matter what your motivation, there is a crystal for every aspiration you could wish for.

I have a very small collection of crystals that I have selected based on their associated energies, displayed where I can see them to remind me of what they represent and what I want to manifest. I have found the abundance of different crystals and what they symbolise a little daunting to navigate sometimes though, purely through the sheer volume of information to make sense of.

I was so excited when I came across the Crystal Calendar, lovingly crafted by the heart-based business, Conscious Calendar Co. These stunning calendars include a crystal to be opened each month of the year, with the intention of exploring and learning about different crystals and their energies, focusing on each for a month at a time.

This is such a perfect way to learn about different crystals, with each month gifting you the crystal itself, and a description of its energy and symbolic meaning. Everything about the concept of these calendars spoke to me- the aesthetic appeal of such a gorgeous, luxe looking calendar to hang on my wall and plan out my year; the notion of bringing presence to different energies represented by each crystal and the self-growth and learning that can come from tapping into and reflecting on these; and the tactile ability to actually experience each stone contained.

I am SO excited for 2021 so that I can start using the calendar and start focusing on the 12 crystals included to learn more. I love that for something that can seem quite overwhelming in terms of the vast number of crystals out there and what they represent, this really does break things down for you easily so that you can absorb the information and retain it. And the fact that you get to open a beautiful little crystal every month- see it, hold it, feel it, carry it with you or display it in your home, just makes the experience that much more special than if you were simply reading about the crystals.

I love the concept of these calendars so much and what they can add to your wellbeing and self-growth- inspiring you to live a more conscious life, learning and growing, and connecting you to nature and the world around you where these crystals were formed. Head on over to the Conscious Calendar Co. and check them out. They would also make such gorgeous and unique Christmas gifts for loved ones!

2. Investing in luxe, non-toxic clothing and textiles

Her. Wellbeing. stands to promote that wellbeing is so much more than physical or mental health in isolation. Holistically, all of those little things that make up our days combine to affect our overall wellbeing.

This goes for what we wear on our bodies too, in so many ways (think comfort, self-esteem, actual physical effects). Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge advocate for clothing made from natural fabric. I recently published an article discussing my own personal journey to enhance wellbeing through the clothing that I choose to wear, ensuring where possible that it does not contain harmful toxins.

One of the natural fabrics that I have been obsessed with for years now is bamboo. I discovered it when I had my first baby and we were gifted a bamboo baby wrap. It was the most divine, cloud-like feeling fabric ever, and I have not looked back since. My obsession grew and I would say that today at least half of my wardrobe is made up of bamboo clothing. I’ve also made the bamboo switch with a lot of our bedding and towels in addition to clothing.

What I love about bamboo is that is it chemical-free in its production, making it extremely eco-friendly and non-toxic for us. It’s also hypo-allergenic, thermo-regulating (meaning it keeps you warm in Winter and cool in Summer), it’s naturally anti-bacterial (keeping you feeling and smelling sweet), and it has natural UV filters due to the properties of the bamboo plant it’s made of. The cherry on top is that bamboo is the most luxe, buttery-soft fabric you will ever wear.

Over the years, through much time-consuming research, I’ve manged to find a number of retailers that sell bamboo products, but it hasn’t always been easy to find what I’m looking for. So, I was thrilled this month to discover a new family-run small business that bring together a wide variety of bamboo products for the whole family as well as the home.

Bamboo Island has become my go-to for high-quality bamboo clothing, towels, underwear, sleepwear and bedding. They have the most extensive range of products that I’ve come across in one place, and what I love is that their products are not just basic t-shirts or singlets which is usually what many retailers of bamboo stock. They have some beautiful dresses, skirts and cardigans in a great range of colours (not just the usual black or white), as well as great quality basics like t-shirts, singlets, and underwear too. They also stock really fun gift ideas.

By far, my favourite product are their women’s leggings. I wear these both out-and-about and at home. They are literally like a 2nd skin, are so soft and there is no restriction of movement (which is crucial when you’re a mum to little ones and are constantly bending, crouching, sitting on floors and running!). I love these leggings so much that I will not wear others now, even my cotton leggings feel 2nd grade in comparison. If you wear activewear a lot (which is predominantly made of nasty synthetics like polyester or nylon), give this bamboo version a try. They’re so stretchy and breathable, you won’t be disappointed. Because they are so stretchy, I tend to go down a size to what I normally wear, and they are perfect.

Another product I love are Bamboo Island’s towels. They have beautiful colours (I love the pastel colours they have), and I’ve found bamboo seems to absorb more moisture than other cotton towels and they dry quicker. They also have a buttery soft silkiness to them which remains wash after wash.

I honestly can’t recommend bamboo enough, and Bamboo Island are such a great small business to support if you’re looking for bamboo products. They have a beautiful ethos of embracing slow eco-conscious living, and their luxe products are the very opposite of fast fashion and throwaway living.

Bamboo Island have very generously provided Her. Wellbeing. readers with a 10% discount code- HER10

3. Living more consciously to reduce waste, toxins, and support Indigenous Australians

My obsession with bamboo products does not stop at clothing and textiles. Did you know that bamboo can also be made into non-toxic, eco-friendly kitchenware that would usually be made of plastic? (Think children’s dinner sets, food containers, and reusable coffee cups).

Over the years I have been increasingly mindful of using more natural and sustainable products for my family, and in our home, and reusing and recycling where we can. But this year, I have really focused on upping our game in terms of eco-friendly living and reducing our impact on the environment, as well as limiting potential toxins we may be exposed to.

This month, I was so excited to discover a 100% owned & managed Aboriginal Family business in Queensland who sell bamboo keep cups decorated with gorgeous and vibrant Aboriginal art designs. Not only are they toxic-free and eco-friendly, but they are supporting Indigenous Australians and allowing them to share their culture and have a livelihood.

Even though due to COVID-19 many coffee shops are not able to utilise reusable cups right now, I’ve still found them fantastic to have on hand to make a tea or coffee at home and take with me when going out. They’re convenient, save me money on takeaway coffee, and are easy to clean. And they are so unique and pretty!

Go and check them out, they would make meaningful stocking stuffers with Christmas coming up!

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