Monthly Top 3- September 2021

Each month Her. Wellbeing. will provide you with a ‘Monthly Top 3’ List. This will include items, products, services, practices, or entertainment that are tried and tested and sure to boost your wellbeing!

My big focus throughout September has been taking care of my physical and emotional health with an all-natural and holistic approach, using earth derived products that work together to heal and support my body. Read on to hear about some gems I’ve discovered to add to my daily regime, and an awesome resource I have started using with my children to tap into our mindfulness each day.

  1. Leala Tea Co.- Wellness Tea and Crystal Infused Tea Bottle

Over the last couple of months, I experienced a lot of back pain. Every morning I would wake to a sore lower back, and it started to affect my ability to do the normal everyday things that a mum of young children does (aka- running a marathon and jumping through a thousand hoops by lunch time 😅).

I started seeing a chiropractor weekly to address my back issues, and I also began searching for natural and alternative ways to supplement the wonderful work my chiropractor was doing on a physical level, wanting to boost my recovery and help maintain my health moving forward.

Then I came across Leala Tea Co., a beautiful small business specialising in wellness teas and the most divine crystal infused tea bottles to brew your tea of choice. I absolutely love the ethos behind Leala Tea Co., who believe that health starts within, and self-care is a mindset.

I chose to try the RESTORE tea, hand blended with organic anti-inflammatory ingredients, to target the swelling and pain in my back. I paired this with the rose quartz crystal infused tea bottle, to be a constant reminder (with every sip) to treat myself gently and give myself a little extra love during (and after) this recovery journey, with rose quartz being the crystal of unconditional love for yourself and others.

And wow, what a difference these two self-care supports have made to my physical wellness, and my self-care mentality. I committed to drinking three bottles of tea a day, the first being during school drop off. This was such a game changer for my mornings, making a mindful bottle of warming tea to take with me whilst I brave the chaos that is morning drop off (if you know, you know).

The act of thinking about myself in the morning rush and choosing to fuel myself with something that is aiding my physical health, but also warming and soothing my mind, body, and soul in the process during the most stressful portion of my day was unbelievable. My mental health has benefitted tremendously from having this little self-love reminder in tow every morning, beckoning me to take a sip and keep the calm.

The RESTORE tea is such a warming and soothing blend of turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and licorice root. It is the perfect tea for a chilly morning, with a unique and delightful combination of zest and subtle spiciness from the turmeric. All ingredients are renowned for naturally relieving pain and reducing swelling in the body, and this was really important for me in the context of addressing my back pain in a natural way, rather than using excessive medication. The ingredients have other benefits like helping to fight depression and flushing toxins from the body too.

I am so in love with the crystal tea bottle that I’m never without it now- prior to lockdown, it came out everywhere with me and is never far from my side at home. In between teas, I take out the infuser attachment and it’s also a perfect water bottle. I love that it’s glass and completely toxin free, and that the crystals are contained within their own separate compartment, so there’s no risk of drinking anything you shouldn’t (some crystals are not suitable for infusing as they contain toxic substances or break down in water). I can say with certainty that it’s completely leak proof, and I also love that you can swap out the crystals depending on your mood or the energy you want to focus on for the day as well. And it’s just so gorgeous to look at- I had so many other mums at school ask about it, and it became a bit of a trend to bring a tea or coffee to drop off amongst my group of mum friends. And I really love that- that mums are reclaiming a little attention for themselves in the morning rush and ensuring they’re doing something for them. Because it really is the little habits that add up to big change in your physical and mental health, right?

And that is something that Leala Tea Co. has given me with this beautiful tea and bottle- the chance to improve my health and my mindset with intentional cups (or bottles) of tea throughout the day. My back is feeling so much better now, and I truly believe that the RESTORE tea played a part in my recovery, both physically and soulfully- aiding my mindfulness to care just a little bit more for myself.

All Leala teas are sourced ethically from small farming communities around the world, using premium certified organic ingredients. Every cup of LeaLa tea is full of powerful antioxidants and healing Ayurvedic herbs, and their range includes other beautiful blends like CALM, RESFRESH, and FOCUS. Do yourself a favour, head over to Leala Tea Co. and add some mindful tea in a gorgeous crystal bottle to your daily self-care rituals.

  1. Cacao Mumma- Ceremonial Cacao and Handmade Ceramic Rainbow Mug

To compliment my wellness tea throughout the day, I have spent September closing out my days with gorgeous raw organic ceremonial cacao from Cacao Mumma in the evenings.

After reading about the holistic health benefits of cacao, I was eager to give it a try, especially because one of my great loves in life is chocolate- and this particular variety has so many health benefits that it has simply become a non-negotiable in my day.

Cacao is bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and boosts your mood, clears your mind, and provides an increase in energy. Raw cacao has been proven to enhance blood flow and cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and support emotional release by increasing the production of feel-good chemicals like Anandamides and serotonin levels that boost your mood. It is also great for your skin because of the high antioxidant component- with cacao having 40 times the amount of antioxidants than blueberries and other superfoods. It is also one of the highest sources of plant-based magnesium, a vital mineral that many of us do not get enough of, and it is crucial to nervous system stability, energy production and heart health. All of these benefits are produced by consuming the chocolate in its purest form.

Cacao Mumma was created by Harmony, a mum of 2 little girls from Torquay in Victoria. She is passionate about health, and after experiencing the benefits of pure cacao from Bali herself, she wanted to make it more accessible to others here in Australia. She sources the ceremonial cacao from a small family run farm in Bali, who harvest traditional Criollo trees. Each bean is hand picked out of the pods, laid out to dry in the sun, and traditionally stone crushed into a paste.

Ceremonial grade cacao is very different to your standard drinking cocoa. Usually, cocoa has been so processed that most of the nutrients are removed by heat treating, and adding so many unhealthy ingredients like fats, oils and sugar, that end up stripping away any health benefits.

Cacao Mumma cacao is simply gorgeous. I warm my usual milk in a saucepan and add a chunk of the cacao to melt in and whisk it a little. It is intensely flavourful in the best possible way, and is not sweet, which I actually love. Although it has a full-bodied flavour whilst drinking, it is naturally balanced and not at all bitter, leaving no aftertaste. It reminds me of a good cup of coffee with chocolatey overtones. I find it to be such a comforting and soothing way to round out my evenings, and I just feel better knowing I’m packing in a whole lot of nutrients and goodness into my body with each cup.

It has become such a beautiful and mindful evening ritual for me, especially in such a time of uncertainty in the outside world. It allows me to slow the pace for 10 minutes, tune-in to how I’m feeling, and take some conscious time to connect with myself, reflect on the day that has been, and set an intention for how I’d like tomorrow to go. The gorgeous rainbow cup paired with the cacao is a nightly reminder that regardless of what did or did not happen that day, tomorrow is the promise of a new start and a fresh beginning- to recreate and progress the things that worked well, and to reimagine and change the things that need some more work. Each night I hug the warm cup in my hands and think about the things I am grateful for that day, and the things I’d like to intentionally work on tomorrow. It really does allow me to put to rest the stresses of the day and go to bed with a clearer head and positive frame of mind.

Cacao ceremonies are a centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener, and this has certainly been my experience in using the cacao myself as a mindful wind-down ritual to connect with myself every night. It has helped me to re-balance my internal energy and thought patterns, all whilst intentionally caring for my mind, body and soul via the health benefits that this superfood provides.

We could all use a little more of that right now! Do your health and heart a favour and check out Cacao Mumma for a pure and indulgent wellbeing staple!

  1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

So, my children introduced me to these free online yoga sessions aimed at children a while ago, as they are used at their school for mindfulness. Cosmic Kids Yoga introduces children to yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation in fun ways with storylines and characters (some very familiar ones too- Frozen, Minecraft, Spiderman, Moana…. the list is endless).

Given that in recent weeks we have begun learning from home and our normal routines are hold for a while due to lockdown, I thought it would be great to introduce Cosmic Kids Yoga as our new way to start the day together every morning before getting into learning.

Now after breakfast, we all spread out in the lounge room and play one of these videos from YouTube and follow along, and they have honestly been the best way to start our day, move our bodies, and lift our spirits and energy. I used to do yoga pre-children, and this has been such a lovely way to bring it back into my life with my children. If you’re a mum, I highly recommend this as a way to give yourself a little yoga, mindfulness and relaxation and share this with your children in a way that they will enjoy too. I’m really finding my mood and body feel lifted after each session we do and set me up for the day in a positive way. It’s such a great resource!

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